The Eh Frame of Mind

It’s a strange time in the world to prepare the launch of a big project and a new company and yet we find ourselves feeling like nothing could be more synergized with the idea of the ‘Eh frame of mind’ than isolating yourself with the ones you find dear, getting back to nature and stripping life down to what is essential, necessary and important.

So hello from the creators of eh Frame, and welcome!

What are we welcoming you to and who the heck are we? We are the Talbots; Todd, TV host (Love it or List It, Vancouver) and wife, singer/actor Rabecca along with our kids Ashlyn and Kesler, and close friend and colleague, Lynn Gosselin.

Eh Frame began when we asked ourselves what we wanted out of building a recreational cabin at our property on Lake Okanagan in central British Columbia. We kept coming back to the simple classic structure of cabins that dot the coast of western Canada and the lifestyle that they represent to us. We realized that while we were sharing with architects, engineers, trades, and consultants, we needed them to understand where we were coming from before they could jump on board to help create what we wanted.

The idea was born that an A-frame immediately evokes a certain mindset, a certain frame of mind, one that lets go of extravagance and waste and hones in on family, connectedness and the blurring of the lines between home life and nature.  We realized how our Canadian upbringing influenced this desire.  This humble wish list for the basics of what makes us happiest connected easily with what an A-frame represents.  Playing with the letter A to make it a Canadian ‘eh!’ made perfect sense for someone like Todd who always seeks to find the puns in any situation.

From the moment we realized that the name of our home build would be called eh FRAME, ideas and decisions began to flow more easily. The flow extended beyond the build, to include the sharing of this mindset through a blog, a website, video series, and even further to a line of clothing and perhaps even homewares in the future that fit inside the conversation of sustainability and nature.

We hope to inspire you through our process.  Maybe you’ll see something of yourself in us as we strive to shed what is unimportant and adopt a new eh FRAME of Mind.