The Eh Frame Brand

The introduction of Eh Frame isn’t really complete until we tell you a bit about what’s been going on behind the scenes for the past few months. We have been working with Boleyn Media, a husband and wife-led creative team, Alison and Jos, from Vancouver Island. These two absolutely get west coast life by the water and raising a grounded young family in today’s fast-paced age. They’re helping us with web design and our Eh Frame logo. We’ve batted around logo and icon ideas between us, Boleyn, and with Lynn as well, who is our go-to style maven. Lynn has been requesting for us to produce a grey sweatshirt with the Eh Frame logo in white since the day we started! Check out our logo brainstorms and preliminary merch ideas. This is ultimately for you, so we want to know what you like (and also we gotta make Lynn her sweatshirt already! ;)