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What started as inspirational pics on Instagram turned into the development and build of Todd Talbot’s West Coast family cabin on Lake Okanagan. But it didn’t stop there, while exploring the impetus for a recreational property, the family discovered a fresh perspective to live by in the shape of an ‘eh’. It’s Canadian, eco-aware, family-oriented, integral and above all, fun. Follow Todd’s journey on the blog and social media. We hope you are finding your “happy place” every day and we invite you to embrace your own eh Frame of mind.

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A Homeschool Post
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A Homeschool Post

As many of you know, we have been homeschooling this year which has been a learning experience for everyone. I feel like I’m just finding my groove...

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Charitable notes

It is our commitment at Eh Frame to give back to the communities we work and play in. Inspired by our friends at Tofino Towels, 1% of profits from all Eh Frame sales will be donated to a new Canadian Organization or Charity each season that holds a special place in our heart...or yours.

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We will donate 1% of our product to support community initiatives and silent auctions for local fundraisers.

We will also donate 1% of the Eh team's time by volunteering in our community...or yours.

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