You’ve found it! From the desk of Todd Talbot, read about favourite products, brands, and ‘Talbot Approved’ companies.

1. Montgomery Wood Architect or as we call him Monty!

Monty and his wife Alison Green have been long time family friends and colleagues. Rabecca and I have worked with Alison (set and costume designer) many times over the years on different theatre projects and we love to have both of them on this journey with us.

We first worked with Monty on our Lions Bay home over 10 years ago. As a team, we think we maximized the potential of that build and wanted to have that same experience again. We value the fact that Monty knows us and our family and that knowledge is invaluable to the designing of our home. Plus Rabecca always get a kick out of it when Monty brings out the colouring pencils. Monty’s willingness to find creative solutions on tough building sites and his collaborative approach to finding ways to build a progressively sustainable home that is the ‘right size’ seal the deal. 

He is based in Vancouver and has practiced architecture for over 30 years. The firm’s portfolio includes a range of building types, but has over the years come to specialize in rural houses, retreats and cabins. MWA buildings carefully consider the unique environmental conditions of a project site, amplifying found site conditions such as views, sun exposure and topography.


2. EcoScape Environmental

We have worked closely with Jason and his team for close to 2 years now. I first reached out to them before we bought the property in 2018 and they helped with some initial research which turned into a long consultation process and finally the Environmental Evaluation.

EcoScapes specializes in biological inventory and mapping (translation…environmental nerds!)

They cover off most related services but specialize in Environmental Impact Assessments which is what we hired them for. Other areas of focus are land use planning, species at risk, sensitive habitat inventory, mapping and restoration. Basically when it comes to environmental study, they do it all.