You’ve found it! From the desk of Todd Talbot, read about favourite products, brands, and ‘Talbot Approved’ companies.

1. Montgomery Wood Architect or as we call him Monty!

Monty and his wife Alison Green have been long time family friends and colleagues. Rabecca and I have worked with Alison (set and costume designer) many times over the years on different theatre projects and we love to have both of them on this journey with us.

We first worked with Monty on our Lions Bay home over 10 years ago. As a team, we think we maximized the potential of that build and wanted to have that same experience again. We value the fact that Monty knows us and our family and that knowledge is invaluable to the designing of our home. Plus Rabecca always get a kick out of it when Monty brings out the colouring pencils. Monty’s willingness to find creative solutions on tough building sites and his collaborative approach to finding ways to build a progressively sustainable home that is the ‘right size’ seal the deal. 

He is based in Vancouver and has practiced architecture for over 30 years. The firm’s portfolio includes a range of building types, but has over the years come to specialize in rural houses, retreats and cabins. MWA buildings carefully consider the unique environmental conditions of a project site, amplifying found site conditions such as views, sun exposure and topography.



2. EcoScape Environmental

We have worked closely with Jason and his team for close to 2 years now. I first reached out to them before we bought the property in 2018 and they helped with some initial research which turned into a long consultation process and finally the Environmental Evaluation.

EcoScapes specializes in biological inventory and mapping (translation…environmental nerds!)

They cover off most related services but specialize in Environmental Impact Assessments which is what we hired them for. Other areas of focus are land use planning, species at risk, sensitive habitat inventory, mapping and restoration. Basically when it comes to environmental study, they do it all.



3. PURE Design    


PURE Design is an award-winning full-service interior design firm in Vancouver, offering services for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, and retail spaces throughout Canada and around the world. Led by Ami McKay, one of “Canada’s Top Five Interior Designers,” we create distinctive spaces that reflect the absolute best in you. We take your vision, your purpose, and what brings you joy to infuse those elements into designing beautiful, welcoming surroundings.
Ami believes that your space should bring you joy and harmony. Ami will listen to your vision, your purpose, what brings you happiness, and infuse those elements into designing beautiful, welcoming surroundings. Ami adores working with clients who are aligned with her pursuit for a design that is authentic, genuine, and pure. Her holistic approach ensures your space works in harmony with the environment. Her purpose is achieved when she sees the impact her work has made on her clients’ lives and the world at large.



4. Apex Rock Pros


Apex Rock Breaking Solutions was founded in 2015. Initially the company was meant to provide solutions for those who were stuck on a job due to finding rock. Since then Apex has teamed up with a team of scientists and chemists and developed an Expanding Grout called “NexPro.” 

This is the first Canadian developed Expanding Grout, and is currently the strongest on the global market today. Aside from manufacturing and distributing NexPro, Apex also dispatches crews all around British Columbia to assist contractors or property owners/developers with Rock and Concrete demolition. 

With an extensive range of equipment and tools such as Hydraulic Splitters, Royex 1.4S Explosives, and Pneumatic splitters, and grout, Apex has quickly become known as the go to company in the lower mainland for rock related projects. 

Apex shines in helping the DIY weekend warriors with product, advice, the tool rentals so they can do it themselves to having crews to dispatch and come and do it for you. Apex also works closely with other contractors in suppling them product and training. 




5. Merit Kitchens



Merit Kitchens was founded in 1971 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. At the time they provided Western Canada with high-quality made-to-order custom cabinets. Since then, they have grown into a world-class manufacturer and supplier of beautiful cabinetry, representing superior quality and extraordinary value; which is distributed through a network of dealers who are some of the top designers and contractors/builders throughout Canada, the United States and Japan.

Frank Siekmann took on the operations of Merit Kitchens Cabinetry at the turn of the millennium. Frank is a third-generation cabinetry specialist, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, both of whom were pioneers in the European cabinet industry. Soon, he hopes his children will want to do the same; they are all talking about it at least. While maintaining the company’s tradition of craftsmanship excellence, superior standards and hand-finishing detail, they also embraced modern styles and kitchen trends, European technologies, and cabinet manufacturing innovations.




6. VETTA Windows



At VETTA, our Mission is to build better in support of a low carbon, climate resilient world. We are a leading Canadian supplier of custom triple-glazed aluminum-clad wood windows and doors, as well as ERV/HRVs and ventilation systems, designed for high performance, Net-Zero and Passive House projects.  We combine the high-quality of European product with the benefit of a Canadian-based team to offer local expertise and after sales support.

It all started when our founders built a Casa Clima Gold certified home in Italy (Passive House-like standard). After returning to Canada, they began work on a Net Zero deep energy retrofit of a Victorian brownstone in Ontario, Canada and struggled to find quality products that met their needs. They wanted a sustainable, resilient home that would stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, without the use of gas and even if the power went out for days. The result was the creation of VETTA Building Technologies Inc. (aka VETTA Windows).




7. Midland Appliance


Founded in 1984, Midland Appliance has built a reputation for providing a luxury appliance shopping experience through exceptional customer service and personalized advice. Known for their attentive professionals and commitment to quality, they strive to provide uncompromising service to builders, designers, and homeowners.

Midland was built on a strong foundation of knowledge, empowerment, and integrity. They are known for their expertise and custom approach, and have positioned themselves as BC's preferred premium appliance partners.

With reliable single and multi-family builder divisions, a dedicated designer sales team, and retail appliance specialists, they have knowledgeable professionals for every project. Midland's stylish showrooms display a wide selection of industry leading brands, premium products, and the latest in trends to inspire your dream home. With Midland, it's a beautiful fit.