Oh How We Need A Mother’s Day

Even though we are up at the lake, the view is beautiful, the environment is serene, and the backyard is seemingly limitless, once we hear those lockdown announcements, our mood is instantly squashed. Our plans for Kesler’s birthday were changed and changed again. The guests who had planned visits for the May long weekend have all cancelled. We are yet again feeling the effects of being four people of different opinions, in one place, all the time.

It’s amazing how the general atmosphere is changed when you are forced to hang out together instead of choosing it. And while most of the time we do still manage to choose it, (it is actually a pretty great adventure we are on) sometimes we all go a little bit nuts! One person ends up needing to be a referee for all of the rampant emotions flailing all over the household. And for the moment, that referee (for the most part), is Mom.

Paddle Board

So the landscape of life at home has changed drastically since 2019 and Mother’s Day, which happened at the beginning of lockdown last year, was a cute and sweet novelty, but... Now Mother’s Day is an essential, desperate, visceral, vital, NEED!

The need is so real that Rabecca instated a second Mother’s Day this past January, claiming that the government had announced, due to COVID, a second Mother’s Day was necessary. So Ashlyn and Kesler made breakfast in bed and ran her a bath and were a little better behaved for a few moments. It was just what Mom needed.

Mom Care

Now here we are at the beginning of May and another Mother’s Day approaches. We at the Eh Frame do support anyone who would like to petition for a Mother’s Week instead of just a day, or at the very least, Mother’s Weekend.

In any case, we hope all the kids, dads and husbands out there are looking ahead and taking this holiday VERY seriously. Mom needs it- a day of no fighting, no drama, no demands, and no requests. Just treat Mom well, give her hugs and kisses, bring her cups of tea, (make sure the water is always hot), decorate the house with flowers, keep it clean and maybe shower her with presents if that’s your thing. Above all else, let her do as little as possible.

Mom has been overworked this year. It’s time for a vacation... even if we have to stay home to get it. This is a recommendation from your Eh frame family, in your best interest and with love. 

And, for those moms who follow and love Eh Frame, we want to recognize you too! Use code MOM20 for 20% off on our shop from now through May 9th. (We recommend the Staycation Candle and Lakeside Zen Tea)

Lakeside Zen

Happy Mother’s Day!