Eh Frame Designing- Part 1

Rabecca here, writing on behalf of Todd and I for the latest on our cabin build. Now then... we are finally getting to the good stuff! Todd gets all jacked on the most boring of details when it comes to this construction process but all I hear is blah, blah, elevations, blah, blah, blah- until we get to the artistic part. I’ll admit, we have had fun sessions with our architect and we’re excited about our plans so far, but now is when we break out the Pinterest boards and really get cracking (in my opinion).



Before we settled on an A Frame, Todd and I had played with the idea of container structures as well as some other really modern cliff side architecture.  All of these theories were mostly contemporary and/or modern in design. The Eh frame is bringing us back to earth and settles us in a somewhat cozier frame of mind.



Todd is not quite ready to give up on his modern aspirations. And because we want to be as forward-thinking as possible when it comes to environmental impact and sustainable living, there are some modern aspects that will simply need to be a part of our finished product.

Backcountry Hut


Because this is our first time building as a couple from the ground up instead of renovating a space and because this has become a bigger project than just a little getaway in the woods, we’ve decided to reach out to our good friend Ami MacKay from Pure Design Inc. to help us amalgamate our two tendencies with regards to a cabin on the lake and how that should look and feel.


It turns out Ami doesn’t think we are as far apart as we feel like we are. But she is a self-professed guru at taking “his” and “hers” ideas and finding the balance. So for our first meeting with Ami, she got to know where my brain sits and to see what I bring to the design table. She has assessed that the Danish word Hygge is quint-essential for my happy cabin life.


In our next meeting Todd will present his side of the design argument and I’m guessing it’s going to have a few similarities to what we built in our last mountainside property in Lions Bay. Thankfully I don’t have to fight him- that’s what Ami is here for! Right Ami? Ami?!