Eh Frame Designing- Part 2

It’s Todd’s turn to turn the Pinterest wheel but Rabecca can’t keep her two cents to herself!

Board of Todd

In our last blogpost, we introduced Ami MacKay and we hope you’ve all fallen in love with her as much as we have! After this weeks design sesh we now call our appointments “therapy” instead of “design meetings”.

We’ve discovered that Todd, in fact, does like painted wood- in some applications and that Rabecca won’t get her way on every decision. It looks like the blending of Todd’s contemporary wants and Rabecca’s retro desires, need not be so black and white and also don’t even need to be defined at this point.

Arada wood stove

This week, Ami completed her collection of “Talbot Inspiration” images to take away and come up with a catch phrase for the Eh Frame’s particular style.

The Talbot’s homework is to now streamline their likes and eliminate any elements they are not thrilled about from their inspiration board so that we have one lookbook of “loves” to go by. 

This lookbook will be something to help us make decisions along the way but it goes beyond that. It will also be a guide for contractors and trades who need a better idea of what the heck we’re dreaming about! 

If you’d rather not read about it, here’s a video: